Siner Group focuses a significant majority of its operations in natural resource based industries. Siner Group in adopting a focused approach in majority of its activities, adopting a related diversification principles in business developments. Siner Group is building upon its core competencies in natural resources industries.

 Siner Group is prevalent in three main business sectors, these sectors are Forest Plantation, Palm Oil and Commodities, furthermore we have interests in common business sectors such as Property Agency, Tour & Travel, Money Exchange, Finance, Resources, and Digital media.

Our Corporate principles guide our behavior, rules, procedures, business decisions and relationships. Therefore in all of our relationships, Siner will demonstrate commitment to these core corporate values and principles:

  • Enhancing Shareholder Value (PROFIT)
  • Integrity (PEOPLE)
  • Transparent information sharing and Learning (PEOPLE)
  • Teamwork (PEOPLE)
  • Quality and Continuous Improvements (PROFIT)
  • Customer Satisfaction (PROFIT)
  • Diverse and Empowered Workers (PEOPLE)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (PLANET)
  • Environment Sustainability (PLANET)

Vision & Mision

  • Through resource-efficient utilization to generate profit.
  • Through continuous product and service development
  • Through the continuous expansion of fields of business continuously.
  • Through sustainable development of human resources.

Through continuous support to the development of an increasingly professional domestic business environment. The Company believes that growth and development is a contribution to the growth and development of the national economy. Likewise the company believes that this can only be achieved through the growth and development (HR) of Human Resources within the extended family of companies

Annar Salahuddin Sampetoding

President Director

Bapak Annar Salahuddin Sampetoding sebagai Presiden direktur SINER GROUP. Memiliki pengalaman yang luas di berbagai perhimpunan, diantaranya: Ketua KADIN Sulawesi Selatan Bidang Kehutanan & Perkebunan (1989 s/d 1994), Ketua Umum BPD ARDIN Sulawesi Selatan (1995 s/d 1999), Wakil Ketua Umum KADIN Indonesia Koordinator Wilayah IndonesiaTimur. (2013 s/d 2016), Ketua Umum Dewan Ekonomi Indonesia Timur (2016 - Sekarang).

Muh Alton Annar Yunior Sampetoding


Bapak Muh Alton Annar Yunior Sampetoding sebagai CEO DI SULWOOD GROUP.

M. Aaron Annar Sampetoding. MBus


Bapak M. Aaron Annar Sampetoding. MBus sebagai C.E.O SINER GROUP, lulusan dari Queensland University of Technology Brisbane-Australia Bachelor of Business Extended Major in Management (2001-2003), Queensland University of Technology Brisbane-Australia Master of Business Majoring in Marketing (2004-2005). Memiliki pengalaman diberbagai perhimpunan, diantaranya: HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia) (2005), APHI (Asosiasi Pengusaha Hutan Indonesia) Bidang Hutan Tanaman (2006-2011), Wakil Ketua Umum BPD Hipmi DKI Jakarta (2017)


The establishment and development of the Siner Group from year to year..

  • 1966

    PT.Sulwood Utama under the brand name Sulwood Group, Resources business. Was established in 1966

  • 1991

    PT Siner Reysen, under the brand name Siner Land, Trading Property Solutions was established with a deed of establishment dated Mei, 1991.

  • 2003

    PT Sulwood Siner Reysen the brand name Siner Tour, Tour Travel business. Was established, with a deed of establishment dated August 15, 2003.

  • 2004

    PT Siner Resysen Utama the brand name Siner Group, Holding Company Business . Was established with a deed of establishment dated January, 2004.

  • 2007

    PT Inovator Teratech Indonesia the brand name Siner Tech, Technology Edutainment business . Was established dated Desember, 2017.

  • 2017

    PT Seng Doe Valasindo under the brand name Siner Valas, Money Exchange. Was established under the deed of establishment dated January 12, 2017. Granting permission as organizer of activities Non-bank Foreign Exchange business from Bank Indonesia (BI).