The lack of money changers around HR Rasuna Said, especially in the Mega Kuningan area, became the idea of the Siner Group to establish Seng Doe Valasindo. With the presence of Seng Doe Valasindo is expected to be a solution for foreign exchange transactions and vice versa. Plus a good relationship owned by the Company Group with one of the foreign banks that has the availability of funds and converted.

the location of the company which is one of the premium areas in Jakarta, Seng Doe Valasindom has a middle - upper market segment with a Diplomat target, 43,000 Expatriates in Jakarta, Students who will study abroad, approximately 1 million foreign tourists visiting Jakarta each year , Indonesians who will travel abroad, and 7,000 foreign students in Jabodetabek.

Established since 2016 but Seng Doe Valasindo is fully operational in mid-2017, with the opening of the first outlet at Unit L.23-24 which was adjacent to Siner Tour, 1st Floor Bellagio Mall, Mega Kuningan Barat District. The first outlet has been opened every day with service hours at 09.00 - 18.00 Jakarta time (Monday - Friday), and Saturday 09.00-15.00 Jakarta time.

To be the biggest and best currency exchange in the country. With a vast network of vendors to serve our customers.


  • To be best currency exchange market in the country.
  • To provide the most comprehensive facility for transaction
  • Precision and professionalism in all transactions.
  • Highly competitive prices