Completed Project

The Project that has been worked on by PT Siner Reysen Utama, which is a member of the Siner Group, is to collaborate with PT Innovator Tratek Indonesia (PT. ITI) (previously named CV. Indonesia Technos Industries) in the stock investment approximately 60% for the construction of Bandung Champion City (BCC).

Champion City for the first time is present in Bandung, and is scheduled to have 15 more cities that will soon follow after Bandung for the development of Champion City.

Bandung Champion City (BCC) is the center of non-formal & informal learning activities in recreational and innovative ways. Concept Indoor Edutainment Theme Park, is a 'city replica' with a children's size scale, which is built similarly and imitates the function of an actual city, complete with various buildings or buildings and their functions such as hospitals, police stations, parliament buildings. Also equipped with highways, traffic lights, sidewalks, pedestrians, and various vehicles, such as fire engines, ambulances, buses & taxis.

CThe BCC concept emphasizes education and entertainment (edutainment) which gives children the opportunity to play the roles of various professions and occupations of adults such as being police, doctors, journalists, pharmacists, salesmen, and more than 70 other professions. BCC can be likened to a binoculars for children. They can look at their future, see and feel the various future jobs they will face in the future, by choosing various professions that they are interested in, and playing roles, in ways that are entertaining and educational.

Previously this BCC was a project undertaken by PT. BCC Sarana Winaya as the Copyright owner in collaboration with the ITI CV that operates the edutainment business since the beginning of 2018. But in the midst of the ongoing process, ITI's CV experienced funding constraints in developing it so that the ITI CV, which had approximately 90% shares in the BCC, decided to establish a partnership with the Siner Group. And transformed into PT ITI located in Jakarta, at the Siner Group office. While PT BCCSW remained in Bandung, precisely at Lucky Square Mall.

Apart from that, it is also the establishment of a subsidiary, Siner Finance (2e), and Digital Siner (2f), which was recently established this year.

Then, in various sponsorship activities for sports clubs like Banteng Rugby, in 2016-2017-2018, and futsal clubs too.

On Going Project

In the business of trading (buying and selling) Nickel Seeds under the auspices of Siner Resources. The Nickel Seeds we chose were sourced from Morombo Village, Kec. Lasolo, North Sumatra Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Siner Group invested around 7.5 billion rupiah for 3000 metric tons of nickel ore. With the estimated profit that Siner Group obtained amounted to 967 million rupiah.


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